About Mathula and the Blog

About Me:

Mr Mathula Lusinga is a public and government affairs specialist with a background in political campaigns, lobbying and strategy development. He started his activist career with the Zimbabwe Trade Union movement in 1997 moving on to Zimbabwe’s opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) for which he served as Youth National Vice Chair from 1999 to 2002. He then left Zimbabwe for political reasons and founded an NGO –the Peace and Democracy Project– in South Africa, working with Zimbabweans in the Diaspora. He resigned as its Director in 2009, when he moved to the UK with his family. Mathula is a  strategy consultant for several international NGOs and businesses in the UK, Zimbabwe and South Africa.


The aim of the blog is to get us talking about Zimbabwe. It aims to highlight, regularly matters that are of public interest, and deserving noticing. The writing style is rather relaxed, one that leaves you wanting to find out more about what the writer is trying to say. This, you are encouraged to add your comments/questions in the section provided and this way, we will at the end of the day raise the Zimbabwean profile by discussing these issues that matter together, engaging the wider world and at the end of the day hoping that policy makers in different sectors will learn from our discussions and make life better for every Zimbabwean. I look forward to see you on the blog. Enjoy reading!


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  1. Dinginkosi says:

    Greeting Cde Lusinga

    suggest that the website should have a profile addressing the following:
    -who you are (business)
    -what it does


    • Justin says:

      General Lusinga u were born to b a great leader….u r a progressive,innovative,brave,firm and bold militant who can lead a strategic military front and yo intelligence par excellence leads u to perfection to jostle for a top government portfolio in the New Zimbabwe government….H.E Prof W.Ncube is aware of yo attributes and qualities blended with your charisma…l inherited greatness and bravery from u…ln politics u r ma Godfather,mentor and commander…l salute u honourable Luietenant-General Mathula Lusinga…

  2. skhos says:

    nqama keep up the good work!God has plans 4 everybody in this world.To show that satan has some little power THE ALMIGHTY introduced into the arena the likes of M..(qedela wena)

  3. Eric says:

    Lets go on Mathula..making Zimbabwe a better place to live.well done CDs!!!!!

  4. Bongs says:

    Sisonke Comrade Chief continue with the good work

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