ZANU PF lied at Mangaung – Claiming ZANLA forces led the Wankie Sipolilo Campaigns

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Simon Khaya Moyo, the ZANU PF head of delegation from Zimbabwe lied about ANC’s relationship with ZANU PF. He sought to distort Zimbabwe’s history by saying the Wankie Sipolilo Campaigns were spearheaded by his party’s guerrilla Units in collaboration with ANC’s Umkhonto We Sizwe. Sadly, this desperate attempt to give credit to ZANLA forces was seemingly laughed off by ANC’s top leadership who just seemingly looked aside and laughed. We all know that the Luthuli Detachment which spearheaded the Sipolilo campaigns was a collaboration of ZIPRA forces and uMkhonto We Sizwe. Khaya Moyo seemed to be at pains while he boasted about the strong historical

Lied at conference

Lied at conference

links that ZANU PF shared with ANC. In a typical ZANU PF style of ambushing audience with propaganda, Moyo’s speech was more of a campaign speech designed for ZANU PF supporters and sympathisers. He made no effort to admire the ANC’s world class internal democracy that had just prevailed at the conference. Gwede Mantanshe, the ANC’s Secretary General, mentioned in his report that the fact that ANC’s internal democracy allowed change of leaders as witnessed by the many leaders ANC has had since its formation. He took a dig at some of the conferences he had previously invited to attend in the continent whereby leaders were not up to accept debates about leadership change, in which some delegates responded by shouting “ZANU PF”.  For me, it is clear that while people like Khaya Moyo gallivant the world speaking about democracy, they have failed to attend to their country’s internal democratic needs which have resulted in massive numbers of Zimbabweans leaving the country.

  1. Rejoice Ngwenya says:

    The idiocy that prevails in ZANU-PF is simply …. award winning!

  2. Indeed south afrikans had shown the world that they can sattle their matters. Zuma yizo . For zanu pf its ashame

  3. Nkanyiso says:

    Zanu PF is a disgrace to the Continent of Africa they all about enriching themselves and nt fighting towards a better future for their people rich or poor.

  4. Advocate Nleya Le Dumarra says:

    True Mathula. We need to do something to stem the distortion in the bud

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