Beware the ideas of March

Posted: December 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

It will be a great betrayal for the people of Zimbabwe if they agree to be rushed into an election that is already showing signs of leading us to another political chaos. President Robert Mugabe wants the elections to be held in March 2013 but it is my submission that these elections will not be free or fair because the country is not ready. There still remain very important issues that need to be dealt with. The first and most important election related issue is that of the voter’s roll. To date, we are told that it still needs updating as it contains names of people that died a long time ago or relocated elsewhere. The problem with this situation is that an out-dated voter’s roll creates suspicions that elections are exposed to rigging as there is room for ghosts to vote given the fact that they are still treated as active participants in an election. Zimbabwe’s ruling coalition has known about this problem all along. I think it would be unfair for our politicians to dip us into a chaotic affair where many will cry dispute if results fail to meet their expectations.

The other problem we have with the 2013 proposed elections is that of access and free flow of information. Watching Zimbabwe news on television confirms that ZANU PF dominates the airwaves, something that is against agreements made in the Global Political Agreement. Independent journalists are routinely arrested and intimidated. The recent commissioning of the Robert Mugabe School of Intelligence built by the Chinese suggest that media outlets like online and other social networks will be a target of state abuse as the intelligence center is said to have been built to, among others, intercept online communications. It is easy to believe this especially where the Chinese are involved. A recent report on corruption in Zimbabwe by the Pan Africa Canada suggested that Chinese nationals acting on behalf of the Chinese government were responsible for sponsoring Zimbabwe’s Intelligence activities that formed part of the violent machinery against citizens in the 2008 elections. A Chinese national known as Sam Pa is said to have bought more that 200 new vehicles for the Zimbabwe’s dreaded CIO, something which they have not disputed. China is also known for its ridiculous laws against online publications and social networks where most of independent thinking remains banned.

The list of what could go wrong if Zimbabwe was to hold elections in March is endless and I guess most people are familiar with the reasons why we should not rush into an election. What we should be worried about is the aftermath of those elections whereby Zimbabwe should be seen as not immune to regional disputes that have targeted countries like the DRC and Mozambique. Politicalballot disputes in the DRC have seen the rapid emergence of the M23 fighters who have taken over strategic cities like Goma, sending echoes of another full scale war that once hit that country when the Kabilas emerged as rulers. Recent media reports have indicated that Alfonso Dlakama, the leader of RENAMO has assembled his troops in preparation for what could turn out to be a full scale civil war in Mozambique. This action, Dhlalama says, is a result of complete neglect of RENAMO members by the government of Mozambique. He accuses the Mozambican government leadership of amassing wealth at the expense of everyone. While both conflicts use armed approaches to force the governments to comply with their needs, Zimbabwe must not see itself as immune to such approaches. Zimbabweans have suffered long enough and they know that the Mugabe government is not about to stop looting their resources and starving the people. With many Zimbabweans having left the country due to poverty, political persecution and a stagnant economy, there is no guarantee that people would wait for peaceful resolutions should Mugabe steal the upcoming elections. Leaders like the former president of DRC, Mobutu Sese Seko were warned about people’s anger that it would turn nasty at one point and he ignored everyone saying Congolese people were very peaceful in nature. The same is being said by Mugabe who totally believes that Zimbabweans would never pick up arms against his government. We all don’t want that to happen but prolonged sufferings are normally a recipe for people to do anything that can secure their freedom.

  1. Rejoice Ngwenya says:

    Somehow, Mugabe and ZANU-PF believe they are the only entities capable of ‘taking up arms against oppressors’. They should check with Joseph Kabila!

  2. Mathula says:

    It will be sad if that happens but I am sure a hungry man is a hungry man..Mugabe might find himself seeking asylum…

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