Inconsistent Mugabe may once again deliver a violent election – Is there a plan to resist?

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

One of the greatest dangers we have in Zimbabwe today is that we are led by a president who is very much inconsistent about almost everything. He says something today and a few hours later his supporters do something different, leaving many of us wondering whether he is still in charge of Zimbabwe. In his recent address to the United Nations Assembly, President Mugabe attacked the Security Council for its war appetite and expressed fears that what happened to the late Mummar Gadhafi could happen to any leader if the council’s ways of doing things were not changed. While he addressed the UN, his supporters were burning people’s houses back in Zimbabwe. In that very moment, his army was busy brutalising people in Harare. Also while in New York, the President announced that Zimbabwe would have elections in March 2013 but then in the past, Mugabe has accused MDC leaders of making misguided utterances about Zimbabwe while they toured the world. His hypocritical nature was exposed because he left Zimbabweans in the dark, flew across the oceans to announce the Zimbabwean elections to foreigners who have nothing to do with voting in Zimbabwe. To make matters worse, information in the public arena is that he did not consult fellow GPA principals about this election date, something that is bound to create even more difficulties to the fragile coalition government. Lest we forget, these are the same elections that Mugabe wanted in 2011 and he has been inconsistent all along and critics have questioned his timing of March 2013. Many feel Zimbabwe is not ready to hold elections simply because the coalition government has done little to address matters related to a conducive environment needed to hold free and fair elections.

Prepare for battle!

One of Mugabe’s dangerous inconsistences is that over the past few  years, Mugabe has called for the nation to conduct its politics in a  peaceful way. However, since the announcement of the elections, tensions have been rising and there are fears that the country is heading back to pre-2008 violent activities. Over the past few weeks, there have been several disturbing reports that accuse ZANU PF of fanning violence against MDC supporters. Soldiers have been on the loose again, beating and robbing residents all in the name of

“…may have a better life at an old people’s home”

Mugabe election machinery. Just last month, they beat hundreds of MDC supporters in Mutoko after they attended a rally, sending signals that they are here to take a ZANU PF party stand. The military of Zimbabwe is currently on a massive recruitment drive and there is no reason to suggest that they will remain in their barracks, protecting the nation as is their job description. History has it that ZANU PF, through the country’s compromised military high command, has the capability of militarising the country just for their party’s benefits. Corruption in the military high command is used as bait for loyalty whereby their activities in places such as Marange are paying for their selfish private needs in exchange for militarizing the country on behalf of ZANU PF. Thus, as we head for elections next year, Zimbabweans must prepare themselves for another huge wave of violence which promises to be even worse than what we have seen before because at his age, Mugabe is playing his final card. Instead of choosing an old people’s home where he belongs, Mugabe will once again roll out violence across the country as a means of beating people to submission, giving him a chance to die in office and avoid prosecution for his endless crimes.

Is there a plan?

The belief that Zimbabweans are a peace loving nation has complicated our fight against violence. Many now believe being peaceful is about doing nothing when attacked. We have lost the feelings to resist violence and I believe that is a tragic path of building peace. Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus, a roman writer once said “Let him who desires peace prepare for war”. I am not suggesting that we go to war but just making a reference to get people to prepare for the worst. At this day and age, it is important for people to prepare

“…only have strength for slogans”

their mental strength in such a way that will make them see the reality that war veterans are too old to beat up young people. Physically it is not possible and it will be stupid of us to allow that. We must prepare ourselves to understand that the information age we live in can help us sabotage the ZANU-PF ways of managing their financial resources thereby crippling their activities. Imagine a situation where computer hackers can crush the bank system a day before the army and militias get paid. They may hold on for a few days but before long, Mugabe will be made to run for cover as he won’t be able to pay his foot soldiers. I also believe that it is still possible to educate the army and the militia about alternative ways of life by exposing them to immediate world updates of military activities without getting authority from the government. There is so much going on the internet and all it takes is proper planning. For me, knowledge and extensive planning can be the only solutions we have for now to predict and prepare for what could happen. I believe it is the duty of every Zimbabwean to look and get involved in alternative methods and strategies that could help us deliver a peaceful nation we have so desired for many years.

We are told that Zimbabweans are one of the most educated bunch but we harm ourselves by not being patriots who could use that education to destabilise dictatorships.

  1. Rejoice Ngwenya says:

    My problem with ZANU-PF: they threaten us that by voting for MDC, we are taking Zim back to the British and thus they are willing to ‘fight’ and restore ‘sovereignty’. Mugabe thinks [like Gaddafi], the army, police, militias are ALL behind him. Gaddafi had the best gunships – but it was a single bullet to the temple from a teenager that ended his reign of terror. ZANU-PF has access to ‘unlimited’ diamond esources, hence their confidence Apparently, all 4 million supporters of MDC, and the 30 000 of them ’embeded’ in the army – do not know where to buy guns from to defend their freedom! Really?

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