As we do a “Big Toilet Flush” in Bulawayo, let’s remember to flush out the corrupt Mugabe led government

Posted: September 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it’s set a rolling it must increase – Charles Caleb Colton

Corruption and bad governance have taken us to ridiculous levels where at this point in our lives; we are being told when to flush our
toilets. Last week, Bulawayo residents were told to flush toilets at the same time once a week to prevent blockages during frequent periods of water rationing. While this may be a good strategy which some engineers believe may help identify where blockages are happening, I suspect that this action won’t offer a lasting solution to the city’s sewage and water problems. For me, the solution that comes to mind is the one where instead of calling people to flush toilets, the city council should be calling for residents to stand up and flush corrupt and underperforming government and city council officials out of their offices. Also, calling people to flush toilets at the same time may not work because I think people are too busy trying to make ends meet and not everyone will have time to stop their business and rush home to flush a toilet. To make matters worse, not all residents have water to flush toilets given the dire situation of water shortages that has been going on for months.

Flushing out bad government priorities

The “Big Flash” has made it to several international newspapers, proving once again that we are indeed a laughing stock, living in a
country with billions of mineral and natural resources but led by people who don’t care about our welfare. We are being told that there
is no money to build proper water supply systems but just recently, our president opened a US$98 million defence college, adding to the suspicions that our government priorities are bent towards protecting power rather than making people’s lives better. The massive army recruitment drive which is currently underway together with the timing of building this school raises suspicions that Mugabe is preparing for yet another violent election whereby soldiers will be used as a private army for ZANU-PF to secure a win. Zimbabwe is not threatened by war and I see no reason why the defence budget should be more than that of service delivery departments like local government and education.

The Big flush – Corruption and lies

The Mayor of Bulawayo was probably right to say Bulawayo’s chronic water shortages force the city authorities to order rationing, which reduces the amount of water getting into the sewer system. On the other hand, I strongly disagree with him when he urged residents to bear with the city fathers as this was nobody’s fault but a national problem. I find his comments absurd and an insult to our intelligence because to ask people to bear with you because the problem is national simply does not make sense. We all know that

“Flushing a corrupt Mugabe down the sewage”

the reason we don’t have enough water is because we are led by corrupt, incompetent government and city council officials who lack proper planning skills. Over the years, government ministers have let our cities crumble while they accumulate wealth at our expense. The local government minister responsible for all this mess is himself a corrupt careless individual with vast unexplained wealth that he splashes around his family and friends.

I don’t understand why the Mayor said its nobody’s fault when his boss, Ignatious Chombo has accumulated wealth to own 15 cars and about 95 houses. How on earth does somebody who is entrusted with public funds on a low government salary afford all this while we are told our sewage problems will be solved by a big flush? Just this year, it was reported that the Bulawayo City Council that has no money to supply residents with water and electricity bought luxury cars and struggled to repay a bank loan that ended up threatening to cost the city’s iconic buildings.

Time to flush out corrupt leaders

A recent report by the Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa (ACT) fingered President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace among 56 other Zimbabweans – mostly ZANU-PF fat cats –implicated in corrupt activities fleecing the country of billions of dollars at the expense of the general populace. The problem I see here is that Zimbabweans have a short memory and continue to entrust national wealth with corrupt people who show no remorse for what they have done. All the cases of corruption in Zimbabwe are known but they always disappear without punishing those that are responsible. It will be then foolish for Zimbabweans to give the 88 year old leader another chance in the upcoming elections to fleece the country’s scarce funds for development. We must work together to flush Mugabe’s government together with corrupt council officials out in order for us to bring in new people who can help create a sustainable environment for better service delivery. The coalition government has given us good lessons and we must, in the next elections have the ability to make a sober choice of leaders for a better Zimbabwe.

  1. Rejoice Ngwenya says:

    32-year old solids are difficult to flush out without some for of change agent!

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