Whose resources did Zanu PF use to fund “whose people’s conference”?

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

It is fine by me for anyone who so wishes to attend any gathering of a movement/party of their choice. It is also, I think, right for the state police to protect members of such gatherings as part of their job serving the people of Zimbabwe – provided, of course, they do so on equal terms for any people and any legitimate movement/party. What I believe is wrong is for a party to use their position in government to promote their party political. It has emerged that last week ministerial permanent secretaries used state resources to attend the Zanu PF Conference in Bulawayo. Particularly given the lack of investment I public service, this is absolutely wrong and I think it should be a matter of investigation as to why are they were allowed to do so. We know that Mugabe is public enemy number one in Bulawayo and for him to make entry into the city; people must be beaten to be reminded that the last dictator is in town. When the Conference started last week, there were several disturbances in the city as police and other elements of the state security apparatus went on the rampage. According to eye witnesses, the police, assisted by Zanu PF youth league members, beat taxi operators and members of the public for no apparent reason. This is clearly an abuse of power and must be investigated and the perpetrators brought to book.

If we care, what should we do?

There is a need to draw a clear distinction between what belongs to the state and what belongs to private organisations and individuals. For many years, this problem has been a big one and it’s been going on unchecked to such an extent that we are now worried whether all politicians who will come to rule in Zimbabwe will copy the same approach to using/abusing state resources. As citizens it is our duty to identify those that abuse state resources and bring them to justice. Corruption is a bad cancer and for it to be curbed we must

Bobby Brown Eyes - The President is worried!

desire to punish those who practice it – including those who are in the current set up of the unity government. If we don’t, we might run a risk of normalising it. We all know that Mugabe is very scared of being tried for his crimes against humanity and corruption. This is the reason that at his age he still claims he is capable of leading the country out of its current problems. Zimbabweans must reject abuses of power and it is our duty as citizens to take note of elements who are taking advantage of Zanu PF’s way of life to squander our resources. We must all have faith that a time will come for things to change and when that comes those who have abused us must be brought to justice.

You know, the courts may not be working any more, but as long as everyone is videotaping everyone else, justice will be done. MARGE SIMPSON, The Simpsons

  1. Óscar says:

    True that. Your next blog should be about certain MPs that we hear have defected leaving a certain party’s claim to being Kingmakers in limbo. Why those lawmakers would want to follow a pathetic, confused opportunist should ring alarm bells for that particular party.

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