The Memoirs, Gay Rights and the Prime Minister – Am I hearing things?

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

So why do we hit the headlines? The answer is for the right and wrong reasons. There are many ways to do it. Some defend the indefensible and as a result they become known by the whole world, obviously for the wrong reasons. Do you remember the nickname “Chemical Ali”?  I am sure the same can be said about our own Professor Jonathan, a Zanu-PF die hard. He made his name by defending the indefensible. Anyway! It’s the Prime Minister that caught my eye recently in the media buzz. First, the PM published his memoirs which dominated public media with people debating whether their release was for the right or wrong reasons. Those that are mentioned negatively in the memoirs have dismissed them as lacking accuracy and the truth. Others have denied their personal mentions as purely fiction and pointed out that the book says many nice things about the PM, a bit of an obvious fact. But for me, an ordinary man, I am more interested in the timing of their release which suggests that chances of the PM’s party working out a unity of purpose with other parties have been thrown out of the window.  The PM has said it; it’s now each man for himself, a kill to the hopes that we needed a unity of purpose against enemies of freedom.

Gay rights in Zimbabwe – from Harare to London

It must have been a busy week for the Prime Minister of our beloved country who understands clearly that with distance, you can also change your beliefs. For example, in Harare, the wise leader can believe one thing but of course in London, the BBC asks a man to change his position. Be careful on this one my dear reader because so many people get misquoted by the media. I am sure this prominent issue will get its spot in next instalment of the memoirs.

A nation of old, sick men hanging for dear life

It looks like after all the Prime Minister’s week did not end with people questioning his ability to make decisions. In Matabeleland last week, he told people the good news that Gushungo wants to resign. I would believe him then because after seeing Gush gush hanging on for dear life behind the podium while addressing a recent COMESA meeting in Malawi, I really thought for his sake Mugabe must swallow his pride and resign. Of course hearing it from the old horse’s mouth at the Harare International Airport, Mugabe said he is healthy and fit. But we all know that volunteering information like he did in this case brings more suspicions than leaving the matter to rest. At least he has people who are prepared to justify his trips to Singapore every time he gets ill. I wonder what happened to local Hospitals. Anyway, his party will decide in December whether they believe Zimbabwe is that kind of sham which has no pool of young, brave and innovative leaders. It’s the Gushungo 40 that seeks to run our lives. (Gushungo hanging for dear life)

And Violence is on the rise, “stinking desperate”

This week, the MDC T offices were blockaded by the overzealous Zanu PF militia in Police uniform. I am sure people know why this happening. Zanu PF has violence as their priority over things like charitable work for the orphans of the country who sleep hungry every day. It’s not Harare alone; the election drums are sliding the whole country back to its 2008 shadows of terror. What is surprising is that these people involved in these kinds of immoral deeds are a minority. They are a minority in Government and certainly in public life. Maybe one day people will take charge of their communities and shun this violence by whatever means possible. It’s very sad indeed and as we can see it about to replay itself in DRC, we should pay attention to our own and make sure it does not escalate.

Anyway, whatever is said here, just remember “The most important thing with communication is to hear what is not being said. ” – Anonymous



  1. Commander, I wonder if we left any brave men back at home who can be willing enough to defend the defenceless and probe further the tit for tat principle that so liberates the oppressed. Maybe it is time to tie our boots, pack our little conveniences and start walking back home and illuminate brighter the future that yet lies still in the horizon.

  2. ndumiso machiya says:

    i love the first comment,its all to do with zim,so come to zim and lets do it from here bafoe,sikhona silinde i reinforcement engaphandle

  3. Mathula says:

    Baba Sibanda,,they are there ekhaya as u Machiya is saying. We just need to work towards going back as you say but we can also play a major role from outside. Its still doable…

  4. rejoice says:

    Eish, majita, alike lime kacane. You know, just watching the Zimbos @ Harvest House Road skidding down Nelson Mandela “with tear gas in hot pursuit” makes me nervous. If abafethu can RUN AWAY from tear gas, what about rubber bullets or the REAL HOT STUFF? The Arab Spring .. oops .. Ndebele Spring must be made of the real thing .. amadoda sibili, not sisies [odade] who challenge USAIN BOLT on tear gas speed. Hatshibo!

    On Morgan’s ‘abathanda amadoda bengamadoda’, I’m liberal, so I wouldn’t care a hoot what you do to your body, as long as the blood doesn’t fall onto my HIGHLANDERS BLACK AND WHITE t shirt – who cares! I’ve enough women in my life to WORRY about!

  5. Mathula says:

    You make a fair point Rejoice. There is serious shit we have to be prepared for if freedom was to be won. I think the Harvest house events are nothing compare to what may be needed for preparation. Liberal I am as well, my freedom end where your freedom begins and it is about flip flopping re: PM…

  6. Mike Malinga says:


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