“OH poor Zimbabweans…Be afraid, very afraid of politicians who sweep matters under the carpet”

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

“Well, they all do it, so why not us”. This is the stinking politics of our times in Zimbabwe where there is selective justice and the application of rule of law. Equality was understandably foreign to a Zanu PF government but it is equally worse to this  new unity government because up to now, some matters are being sidestepped while others are dealt with, leaving a huge gap between those in power and those that don’t have power.

It was Zanu PF that started the rot when they tried to silence the stories of victims of Gukurahundi, their own black on black ethnic war on fellow African people of the southern western parts of Zimbabwe.

As the power sharing administration is in charge now, chances are that those who suffered at hands of Zanu PF in the 80s and those who suffered under the MDC political banner might not smell justice in their lifetimes. I know a few in MDC whose lives have been thrown into the dustbins of history while they were regarded heroes when the MDC was formed.

If that’s the case, we must cut the crap about  Rex Nhongo

Nowadays we wake up to the news about the inquiry into Mujuru’s death. All of a sudden, the nation is supposed to be interested in the quest for truth and justice!  The quest for truth and justice for the victims of Zanu PF’s ethnic war and its political opponents is down played and some political parties have come out guns blazing saying that Gukurahundi is not their concern at all while at the same time

Showing an acute interest in the Mujuru Inquiry

they are singing lyrical about the investigations into Mujuru’s controversial death , as observed in the behaviour of two home affairs ministers.  The death of one man is causing a furore over the death of more than 20 000.  Strange indeed! Not that I say Mujuru’s death should not be investigated, I only say it should join the queue, what’s the rush?

A case of flip floppers blocking true peace initiatives!

An organ for National Healing was set up at Ministerial level to deal with issues that divide the nation. Sad as things are, Zanu PF is flip-flopping, avoiding a discussion on recommendations made by this organ. The organ came up with a document for discussion a month ago. This document has not been discussed up to now. Some political parties are coming up with excuses e not to discuss this document, seemingly not interested in discussing matters that can bring healing to the nation, chief amongst them, the cancer and scourge of tribalism in the country.

In a recent development, a  Gukurahundi mass grave said to contain 60 remains of people was discovered at a school in Lupane.  In a show of defiance, notoriety and in an attempt to avoiding responsibility and accountability, Zanu PF is refusing to sign up to a program of mass exhumation and reburial of these victims of their ethnic war, Gukurahundi. They are tribally ganging up, like a pack of wolves, to deny the surviving victims to give their deceased a decent burial. This is very taboo in an African culture to have bones of those who died sticking out of the ground, crying for help for a decent burial from their kith and kin and yet this cruel government has the audacity and devilish courage to deny their kith and kin the opportunity to respond to these cries from the dead for a decent burial. It must be super exciting for Zanu PF members to sit and enjoy while others are confined to permanent pain. The bible says there is a season for everything. This is Zanu PF season to continue inflicting pain to the victims of their ethnic and tribal war that started in the 80’s and continues to this day. But seasons do change! The seasons changed for Kamuzu Banda of Malawi, Mobutu Seseko of Zaire, Sadam of Iraqi and now the season has changed for Gaddaffi of Lybia and not forgetting the tyrant of Egypt, Mubarak! These are political seasons that have unveiled themselves in us in very fashionable and tsunami-like way!

..The living years of the Movement for Democratic Change, a case that could be forgotten

Zanu PF is known for providing pleasures of this world to its opponents who sometimes ride the gravy train with no shame, a quality fit for fly by night politicians. They did that with Zapu and now fresh concerns are being raised about some members of the MDC in government. There are matters that are questionable with which the public would have thought a bigger voice from the MDC.

Such as…..

At one point, the leadership of the MDC discouraged people from going into farms. Of late, we are being told there is some agreement with the MDC that the land issue is a closed chapter.  There is no clear policy debate on how MDC members should engage the new indigenisation laws. Are we going to see another situation whereby Zanu PF members will be beneficiaries alone?  Just for these two matters, there must be clarity because politics of sloganeering about Mugabe must Go is not appealing for many these days. People expect their leaders to stand by their original issues which were the root cause of why the party was formed.  It is now issues of policy content, policy substance and how Zimbabwe will be governed in the future rather than the mere slogan of ‘Mugabe Must Go!’.

The key issues to be addressed by all parties are issues of truth and justice and issues of governance and the art of governance. Zanu PF has failed but equally the two MDC’s should rise to the challenge and demonstrate that they have the know how to govern and rule in the interest of the people of Zimbabwe. Any attempt to sidestep critical issues of truth and justice in a new coming Zimbabwe would definitely drag Zimbabwe down the slippery slope of a huge ball of fire!

The victims of injustice should all be afforded the concern and the opportunity for truth and justice!


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