A new game of politics in town! Zimbabwe Defence Forces in plot to delay elections

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

In rather disturbing political developments in Zimbabwe, word on the street now has it that senior Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) officers want to delay elections as much as possible in order for them to boost their share in businesses that have already been taken over or are at threat of being taken over under the new indigenisation rules. I hear that the military has even set up a special office

Men with the loot

specifically to accumulate wealth for themselves and senior Zanu PF officials. Unsurprisingly the unpopular Joint Operations Command (a group of the Army, Police, Prisons and the Central Intelligence heads which meets regularly to coordinate military and security affairs) is involved, plus serving and retired military and other security officials who have come to direct all key national and governance issues rather than cabinet.

Raiders of the last companies!

I recently wrote an essay on the system the Army officials’ used to loot DRC’s resources during the conflict in that country – it seems to me there are many similarity between that and the way that Zimbabwean Army Officers have teamed up with politicians and businessmen to form political and economic interest groups investing in lucrative business ventures such as platinum, diamonds, gold mining, safari and tourism (ok well one day tourism will lucrative again I’m sure!). They have set up systems which are clearly manipulating the indigenisation process. Originally put in place to help ordinary Zimbabweans, these senior Zanu PF and ZDF officials are using the new rules for their own gain and it seems they have no intention of sharing their huge wealth with the lower ranks of ZDF, and certainly not the masses. Everyone knows now that the army boys want total control of the indigenisation market and my business friends tell me no negotiations with foreign companies over platinum and other key resources can be carried out by anyone other than the senior ZDF officials. This even includes the Ministry of Mines, who are not allowed in on any deals to do with key resources – not that I sympathise with them of course…

Deals, slush funds and percentages – The making of the domestic bourgeoisie

It is now an open secret in Zimbabwe that a lot of deals involving foreign investors have only gone through because of senior ZDF involvement. Usually, a deal would see senior ZDF officers getting 10 – 20% cut of each company’s Zimbabwe operation (The Big Boys with Guns running the show). Although this might seem high, this would be much better when compared with the 51% indigenisation rule. A journalist friend of mine recently told me how a South African was allowed to stay in Zimbabwe after paying undisclosed sums of money delivered in cash to known ZDF officials in Harare. Asked if he would have preferred to pull out of the deal seeing Zimbabweans are not benefiting, the South African just said that’s how things are in Zimbabwe and once you deal with the guys, there seem to be no

Safari: A sector dominated by the Army bosses

easy way out. Some companies are securing much lower indigenous ownership through the patronage of well-rewarded senior Zanu PF or ZDF officers and I hear that companies associated with senior and retired military figures have been able to negotiate down to 20 – 30% Zimbabwean ownership only. Apparently some of the cut usually goes into a slush-fund for other senior Zanu PF figures.

…and now the Army talks, everybody must shut-up

Remember, this is the first time in Zimbabwe where ZDF has spoken about politics openly and the way things are now it looks like the army may be able to have the final say on when elections will be held. The Nyikayarambas of this world are out there on the loose and we seem to have no power to stop them. We don’t need the army to tell us when elections should happen. They should just do their job of protecting the country and let politicians do politics!

  1. Mkhululi Skhosana says:

    In as much is the looting of national resources is concerned, what is the coalition government doing to retake the loot from the army? Is it that the politicians are colluding with the army Or is it that there are rogue elements on both sides?

  2. Lee Nic Moyo says:

    This will be quite interesting. Mugabe being a puppet of the army generals says “election” and his generals “want to delay elections as much as possible in order for them to boost their share in businesses that have already been taken over or are at threat of being taken over under the new indigenisation rules”

  3. Giyani Dube says:

    By Sibanengi Dube Is the late Solomon Mujuru, a villain or a hero?
    Zanu PF’s military point man, Solomon Mujuru is gone, plunging the nation into confusion.
    The majority of the people are not sure whether to mourn or rejoice the death of Rex Nhongo, as he was affectionately known within the liberation war circles of chimurenga. Was Mujuru’s death received with jubilation or sadness by the people of Zimbabwe? This is one question that has been begging for an answer since Zanu PF’s muscle man perished in a mysterious fire than literally consumed all his remains.
    It is very much unAfrican however to condemn a dead man. Death is a leveler all the evils that a man might have committed during his life time. This explains why the media is abuzz with praises for Mujuru. Some described him as a hero. Some are crediting him for planning and executing the Chimurenga struggle that brought liberation to Zimbabwe. Some respected media practitioners post-humously thanked him for granting them rare interviews. We are also made to believe that he was a moderate Zanu PF zealot. There are also irrational claims that Mujuru at one moment intended to join the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).
    Zimbabweans are so forgiving. They always want to see the positive where there is none. For sure former Rhodesians have well placed hearts and this explains why it is very easy to oppress them.
    The good liberation deeds of Rex Nhongo were overturned by Solomon Mujuru, the ruthless Zimbabwe National Army Commander, politician and greedy businessman.
    Mujuru was presiding over the Zimbabwe National Army, when his fifth brigade butchered more than 20 000 Ndebeles in the 1980s. After reading about Mujuru’s inferno death, I came to realize that those who live by fire will always perish in fire. Mujuru’s life history is wetted with human blood of innocent victims.
    Mujuru was regarded as the kingmaker in Zanu PF circles. He even muscled in his wife to be the second in-command to Robert Mugabe, after the death of Simon Muzenda. There is every reason to believe that he is actually the cutting edge of the Zanu PF hard-liners. Nhongo also was privy to all the torture and assassinations that were visited upon the MDC supporters since 2000. Honestly if he was a saint as we are made to believe now after his death why didn’t he speak openly against such gross human abuses. Gory stories of abductions, torture and killings also emanated from his constituency when he was the MP for Chikomba constituency. If he Rex had a golden heart, why did he allow his supporters to mow people on his behalf?
    Apart from being politically connected, the late Mujuru is filthy rich. The dearly departed former guerilla fighter has money like dust. It is a recorded fact that the Mujurus plundered the resources of Zimbabwe at the expense of the national economy. Rex Nhongo’s business tentacles were spread in every sector of the Zimbabwe economy. He was in diamond, golf mining, and agriculture and construction business. Nhongo was fingered as part of the looting brigade at Chiadzwa diamond fields. The majority of gold ounces that have been scrapped all over Zimbabwe by gold scavengers (makotokoza) ended up in Mujuru’s bosom. Mujuru at one moment attempted to hijack Kwekwe’s Zisco steel. None of his economic activities directly contributed to the growth of the national economy. The man retired from the Army and main stream politics to go on a 24/7 looting spree. Of course what informed his insatiable quest for cremation was his misguided entitlement mentality. “We fought for this country and we have to milk it dry,” seems to have been his motto. This is an axiom which shared by the majority of Zanu PF functionaries.
    Is there any doubt that the man has more than 10 farms under his name? He was part of the Zanu PF bigwigs who spear-headed the invasion of white owned farms which dwindled the country from being SADC’s bread basket to a regional starvation spot. The majority of farms that have fallen prey to greedy Zanu PF fat- cats remained unutilized and unproductive since 2000.
    Rex Nhongo wretchedly died a distasteful death. But isn’t what he visited upon others?
    Then why is he paraded as a hero and not villain?
    Sibanengi Dube is the national Spokesman of the MDC Veterans Activists Association.

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