Why is everyone good when they die? “Mujuru the good”?

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

When somebody dies, we all tend to say good things about them. When somebody says something bad, they are said to be disrespectful.

Mujuru walked away from these people and they were shot dead by the Fifth Brigade

The sentences of praise always start with “…We have learnt with shock about the untimely death of so and so”…and so on and so on. Some are saying that about the late ex-military man, Solomon Mujuru. Some even went around saying “…he was a true servant of the people…and his death is a great loss to the entire nation”.

The man himself…..

Okay, let us look at this “good” man and see what he did for his people. He fought in the Liberation struggle, becoming a commander of Zanla forces. He became the first black General in Zimbabwe’s new army. Amongst his work noted by Zimbabweans was in his early years as the army boss when he walked away and ignored the killings in Matabeleland and Midlands in 1983. Over 20,000 law‑abiding Matabeles were massacred by his comrades under the 5th Brigade machinery.

He is meant to have led a successful army against the RENAMO in Mozambique. Above all, he was credited for building a strong army which some praise for its controversial work across Southern Africa. Some emphasise how he built a business empire for himself, obviously employing poor Zimbabweans. But others say he bullied people to acquire his wealth: the River Ranch Mine, the farms he had. He eventually died on Monday in one of those farms. And until his death he was a satisfied and committed member of Zanu PF; a party that presided over mass beatings, mass torture, mass killings and mass disappearances of innocent civilians in Zimbabwe.

So this is good? “Hell NO”, others say!

Not only did Facebook break the news of Mujuru’s death, it also went on to share views expressed by many about the life and death of Solomon Mujuru. I shared the positive side (well mostly) above and now let us give others a chance to express their views. It is democracy after all, is it not?

The following comments are extracted from Facebook friends of mine. “…Confirmed: The farmhouse in which fire ‘hellishly’ stole Gukurahundist Solomon Mujuru’s life was brutally stolen from a bhunu (white farmer)…Oh, karma you can’t be such a vengeful bitch! Kli kli kli kli Oops…I note that those who benefitted from his satanic fire activities are mourning. How could they?” These are people whose parents and relatives were killed under Mujuru’s leadership and now they can say it without fear, ventilating their bottled feelings over 31 years of Zanu PF and Mugabe’s misrule. We love Facebook democracy, thanks Mr Zuckenberg! “Who is next to be killed?” others are asking in the same forum as well as “Who has done it?” I will leave it to you to make your comments and conclusions.

The remains of the house where he was burnt beyond recognition

…and now, let us predict the life of Zanu PF,

Some have concluded that Mujuru’s death will intensify the succession battles in Zanu PF.  Some say there will be revenge, since they believe he was eliminated for a purpose by his opponents.  One even suggested that “Morgan is finished” – I wonder how he fits in this whole thing?! Mujuru’s death means more diamonds for someone else – was that the motivation? What do I think? I don’t know because over the years I have heard many people predicting things for Zanu PF that never materialised. So I will keep speaking out until they stop killing and beating people. I have noted with excitement, though, that even the so called strong and dangerous men like Sdyney Sekeramai, cry like babies on television. This gives me hope that change may come soon.

And my conclusions are…

“To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.”: – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: (1929-1968), US civil rights leader. With this quote, I can express my own feelings about Mujuru, the man who epitomised a political party that murdered my friend, Maxwell Ncube, who was buried yesterday.

So what do you say?

  1. Esther Kirsten says:

    Excellent article which hits the nail on the head, keep up the good reporting!

    • Mathula says:

      Thanks Esther, we try to report things as they are because beating around the bush will beat our nation to death!,,At least that’s what people say!

  2. Giyani Dube says:

    indeed,if the man was a true Zimbabwean liberator and a good man may his soul rest in peace,however i wounder how the majority of Matabeles feel since he turned his back against them when the so called highly trained fifthy brigade murdered innocent civilians.What was his contribution towards vultures who randomly massacred our parents,brothers and sisters.To what extent was he a good disciplined soldier who cared about his fellow country man??How about innocent lives which where lost in DRC,deplored to protect the interest of few corrupt individuals!!!! I for one the man was indeed a bad guy who never repented may his soul burn in hell,may the spirit of all those who died and disappeared in vain avenge……

  3. Lee Nic Moyo says:

    Mfoka Mathula, suppose this was your judgment in an appeal court wherein you were the president of the appeal judges panel and I being on the panel, I was going to say …

    “I AGREE” and then append my signature.

  4. Well written Bro.

    To add to the bag of suspicions doing the rounds is one that states the V.P had been a very patient woman with her husband’s philandering. Could she have given up all hope of reform and decided she had had enough…….?

    Indeed Rex saluted the murders and continued to wine and dine with them. He stood amongst the blood tainted bullies as they sang ‘Zanu ndeyeropa baba….’ Surely the man was not innocent nor a true gallant son of the people and soil of Zimbabwe – your choice in quote was to the point [“To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.”: – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: (1929-1968), US civil rights leader.]

    Maybe for his contribution in the struggle; but then his role in the split from Zipra to Zanla leaves one doubting the little semblance of respect one would have been considering giving, seeing as the legacy of Zanu Pf remains that of blood, notoriety, looting, self aggrandisement and unrestrained disrespect for human life.

    Let the clock continue to wantonly tick in the peoples’ favour……………….

    • Mathula says:

      I agree Khethani, His silence meant he agrees. There are a lot of people who say he was a reformer but he reformed nothing the way I see it. He was after wealth and he got it. He lived his life of which many see guilt in him..

  5. tino munjanga says:

    genearal’s history well articulated in the article, thanks Mathula. he was one of the people who had never turned back to see the situation in which the people he fought for were in. of cource we all embrace the work he did for the country but he had never at one time considered whether the citizens of this country were enjoying the fruits of a free country or not. instead he turned a blind eye to all the tortures, murder, brutality, corruption and all sorts of ills in the country. his passion for wealth was just immense and i want to believe that was one of the zanu achelons who were abusing state institutions to enrich themselves. zimbabweans are languishing in poverty but these people are busy feeding their bellies forgetting the suffering masses. all the same general deserves respect for a wonderful job of liberating the country.

    • Mathula says:

      I agree with you Tino. People are not disputing his war history but they question his silence when people got killed by the fifth brigade and recently by his party. This just makes him the same as the killers and I am glad we speak about it because these are issues that bring tension in our society. Thanks!

  6. […] Perhaps, in part, this is because Mujuru was genuinely as respected as he was feared. But a blog post by Mathula Lusinga today caught my eye: Why is everyone good when they die? “Mujuru the good”? […]

  7. Revenging Ndebele Souls says:

    He is dead so what, with fifth brigade I never saw my grand father, my aunt, my uncle. These three died through various barbaric ways. My grand father was thrown into a full 200 litre tank and rolled down the mountain after he had filled it himself with a 5 litre gallon. So who am I to forgive these Shonas. May his fat ass roast him well in hell.

    • Mathula says:

      Thanks chief, I hear you,,Mujuru was part of a bad organisation that killed people. Maybe we can try to refrain from pointing tribes as this might cause tension in blog. Regards

  8. Thabani says:

    stop lying and disinforming people guys,mujuru nevar killed nor served anyone. he had a right to remain silent and remember soldiers are not allowed to participate in politics he was abided by the constitution.

    • Mathula says:

      Thabani, No one is saying he killed anyone, people are just saying he walked away from people who were getting killed while he had authority to do something. He chose not to. He did serve Zanu PF as a servant of the party and we know what the party gas done before. Killing of people in the 80s was a Zanu PF order, isn’t it?

  9. Nkosini says:

    He died the day after we held a memorial service for Gukuraundi victims in Jorburg Sazila sabophela amalembu abomvu lamnyama The following day it happened The same death as his victims It was the answer to our mourning The next time we mourn again another one will die the same way

  10. Nomandla Ncube says:

    I think this is a very sensitive issue especially to us who come from Matebeleland North Lupane. Our sisters were rapped in front of us and there was no way to report. They have fatherless children. Our beloved brothers and sisters were tortured even if we were too small to witness. There is no one who came upfront to tell the truth. Some of them died and we never saw their bones. Its very dificult to witness. I am very worried just because they are dying before they suffer for what they have done, we will remain with no one to ask. We need proper structures like the one that happened in South Africa by our beloved father NELSON MANDELA to report to. Let’s unite black, orange green or yellow and bring back our Zimbabwe to Rhodesia to restart again, and work it up to another state that people will believe in, say Mthwakazi. The state belongs to everyone, no dictactorship or royalities.
    Just worried about those who favour Mjuru a real killer, Who had authority to sign everything that the army did. He has to be blamed. WHY CAN’T WE FREEZE HIS ASSETS FROM THE DIAMONDS AND those displayed FARMS. They do not belong to him, but for the state because he got them illegal.
    On behalf of everyone who believe with me thank very much.

  11. Mathula says:

    I think you are right Nomandla. The damage done to our people must be tied up to their assets. Freeze their activities and compensate the suffering. I do hope one day we will have a visionary leadership to look at these matters…

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