Whose heroes are they anyway?

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today, Zimbabwe celebrates Heroes’ Day. Much of will be about people attending heroes’ shrines across the country in commemoration of those that fought for the country, but there’s less reason for public interest. I am not sure if I should wake up and prepare myself to join these celebrations wholeheartedly. I find myself asking the question: For what benefit to my time will it be to spend it joining the celebrations that have turned out to be irrelevant to my life? Every nation has heroes and every nation does celebrate their heroes and I fully support this, but because of the situation in Zimbabwe, I wonder if those heroes want to be celebrated. Their contributions to freedom have turned out to be manipulated by Zanu PF, who have broken every single belief of what they fought for. It would be a surprise, if alive and well, General Lookout Masuku, Alfred Nikita Mangena, Jason Ziyaphapha Moyo, Joisah Magama Tongogara, Herbert Chitepo  joined hands with Mugabe today at heroes’ acre. My thinking is if I were to go out and celebrate, I would be allowing myself to be manipulated by President Mugabe and his friends blessing the works of the likes of Menard Muzariri, whose name, they will count today as people who liberated the country. On that basis, I will spend the time organising the revolution against oppressors like Muzariri and his friends, dead or alive, for they have turned the citizens of Zimbabwe into slaves.

Enter the Dragon’s Den….Diamonds are forever, corruption is forever and so is Mugabe forever

On this day again, it is reported that despite rampant corruption, smuggling and looting of diamonds, Zimbabwe entered the top ten leagues of the world’s gem-producing countries. One hopes that this means we can now celebrate our way out of poverty as we now have these precious stones to double salaries and create jobs. Oh, hang on; there is a reason not to celebrate which comes with this pack called “corruption forever”. We have seen how it can turn the good guys into bad. It has ruined our country for years while we unite every year to celebrate our heroes like we are doing on this very day. And to dampen even the diamonds celebration news, there is the deadly notion of Mugabe forever. Not that the news is new and surprising, he is understood to have told the prime minister that he is scared of leaving his position. Personally, I don’t see how this is relevant for it to be published in papers because we knew that this was the case. The only thing of worth is that we always like telling the world about Mugabe, who happens to be the most hated man in the country. I do hope that the time will come for him to be relegated to the dustbins of history in which only a few fanatics will bother to dig him out for future references.

Crappy headlines won’t bring freedom

In the past week, our divisions and hatreds for each other were renewed. The Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, told the world of how regional is the MDC led by Prof Welshman Ncube. In return Ncube blasted  Tsvangirai who he accused of misleading the nation by spreading lies. For me, the question is why would we use press interviews to attack each other instead of building unity of purpose and carrying on with our daily business of making people’s lives better? This matter becomes laughable in the sense that, while the Prime Minister was attacking the Ncube-led MDC, Ncube was busy signing a multi-million investment deal to help the economy recover. I know it’s a very sensitive subject, but I guess it’s always wise to say it again, that while we tell the world all the good things about ourselves, we do have some little hatreds within us which blind us to freedom. Unless we do something about it now, we will not enjoy more days like Heroes’ Day as we will busy again saying, “This is not my hero and why should I celebrate with the nation?”.


  1. nkala mawelawela says:

    in the eyes of zanu pf a hero is someone who fought war under the banner of zanu pf, as for mdct a hero is someone who is shona and belongs to mdct. This is the reason tswangirayi has guts to attempt t reduce Prof Ncube toa regional leader.

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