Beating the opposition into submission is the politics of the day!

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Strange things are happening in Zimbabwe. The opposition is trying to rediscover its strength but Zanu PF is completely out of order. This is a country where a party’s militia invades parliament. Last Saturday, Zanu PF thugs stormed parliament and beat up journalists and MPs who were attending a public hearing. What a sad reality. As the army has been suggesting of late, the games of war have begun. Cry opposition cry, for you have no idea what Zanu PF has in store for the upcoming elections.

Protests! What protests?

The headline “Tsvangirai eyes protests to overthrow Zim Govt” in the South African Mail & Guardian is a bit misleading. “Malawians eye protests to overthrow Government” might have been more appropriate. Not that it’s my issue at all but last time I checked, the Tunisian and Egyptian regimes were taken by surprise and since Cde Tsvangirai is a government minister as its Prime Minister, the headline would have been better if they read “Tsvangirai eyes protests to overthrow his government”.

And please help me understand!

This is what puzzles me. One minute you hear ministers are trying hard to make things better. They announce budgets and so on and so on. It’s a one big family. Zimbabwe is working. The next minute, the same Minister is arrested, tortured then released and back in Government to do their best. How does this work? I guess there needs to be a serious discussion in all forums on the Zimbabwe we want. There is no use in reporting successes that we know are not the end result for the country. For me, the discussion must focus on real reforms that need to happen when we all agree that violence must stop, that we need a new voters’ roll; that we need to stop harassment of opposition leaders, their supporters and the media; that we need the military leaders to do only their jobs of defending the country not that of being politicians. In all this, I see the real road towards achieving social justice. Help me reconcile for maybe I have stayed outside Zimbabwe for too long!

“I will smoke you out” and then what?

From a career as a banker to one of politics, my name is Bingu wa Mtharika, the President (or the “Prez”) of Malawi. I am bonkers and I will smoke you out. What happened to human rights in Malawi? “It’s the British and the Americans” I claim? What a lot of cr@p! We thought Kamuzu Banda was the last mad man of Malawi. So here we are – the African Union and the academia that opposed the NATO mission in Libya are very quiet over matter. Nobody will be surprised if they soon hear them supporting the Islamic groups responsible for blocking food aid in Somalia, as it’s the norm to say “it’s an internal matter”. I wish the same had been said during the liberation struggles! But in the meantime, to say the least, the urgent situations in Malawi and Somalia might offer a chance for the AU to do something right and immediately.



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