Plan B: Kick the bloody foreigners out of Zimbabwe!

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

“Make laws to take over their companies, threaten them, and enrich yourselves before the nation realises what we have done” – The Gospel according to Zimbabwe’s Minister of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment.

This is the story of Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, the man tasked with leading the Zimbabwe’s indigenisation program. For the sound of it, Zimbabweans agree that there should be a program that is designed to offer equal opportunities for the native Zimbabweans, who for many years seem to have been left behind by the wealth creation programs. However, it appears the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act has been hijacked by Kasukuwere and his friends in Zanu PF who are now using the act as a looting tool to enrich themselves. With no public history in Business, Kasukuwere has failed to explain his quick road to riches that has seen him having interests in the energy, farming and banking sectors.

More than Enough?

Kasukuwere currently owns an oil procurement company called ComOil (PVT) Ltd, United Touring Company (UTC), several farms (said to total nine) including one called Concorpia Farm and he has substantial shareholdings in Genesis Bank and Interfresh (PVT) Ltd. For a 40 year old Minister, his wealth is difficult to explain.

Sensitivity, broke and cover-up!

Kasukuwere is very sensitive about his businesses, but he is definitely looking for funding at the moment because of the losses sustained (USD 3 million frozen due to sanctions). This explains why the United Touring Company has been run down badly. He simple does not have enough money to sustain the company. Kasukuwere doesn’t run his oil business; his brother Donald Kasukuwere does. It is not clear how his involvement in the company is managed but there is information that the two are so close that the brother has been allowed to grab two farms for himself, Usaka in Mazowe, Mashonaland Central and Sangokwe North in Mwenezi.

Kicking the bloody foreigners out!

At the present moment, Kasukuwere is looking for a way to get BP, Total and other foreign owned oil companies out of the country so that he can be number one. Last year, it was reported that he tried to block fresh investment in the energy sector and he also tried to force BP and Shell to sell its assets to his oil company ComOil (PVT) Ltd. Also, he used the Zanu PF linked Affirmative Action Group to cause a stir at Chevron Caltex which he accused of not empowering local blacks, another sign that points to suspicious interests in the oil business.

If Saviour Kasukuwere gets his way of monopolising the oil industry, fuel prices will rocket. The question then is what will the effect be on ordinary Zimbabweans if the price of fuel goes up even further?

  1. Mike says:

    This is a classic case of how things are done in Zimbabwe. This makes the very reason why Zanu PF will never give up power. We should increase the pressure against such greed by continuing to expose these demonic deeds which arez not helping anyone..!

  2. […] find it interesting that Kasukuwere wants to ‘kick the bloody foreigners out‘… Maybe he should start with the half-Malawian Robert […]

    • Mathula says:

      Interesting, there are suggestions from people that Robert’s roots go as far as Sudan lol. Now he is the king of country and sees others as foreigners. I remember towards 2008 elections, ZPF was going to the extent of harrassing people from Malawi and Zambia, the very same people who built our economy…eissh,,what can we say!

  3. Giyani Dube says:

    Kasukuwere is way out of line,if we look and watch from a distance our nation will crumble to it’s last inches.For how long will these thugs continue to loot under the guise of “51% to Zimbabweans and black empowerment program”. Zanupf and it’s leadership have gone too far,it’s high time we put these rogue elements to where they belong.I suggest a campaign for the arrest of Kasukuwere and other zanupf thugs in any foreign country as a matter of urgency.

    • Mathula says:

      Well, Giyani, you bring an intersing suggestion. I think there could be more of a case in matters related to human rights as well. I for one would like to see this guy in prison for looting the nation’s resources. He is causing a lot of sufferings in the country and for sure something needs to be done to stop him..

  4. Rejoice Ngwenya says:

    Eish, don’t these ZPF clowns seriously! Mat, re-send me your email, I want to learn something about this exciting paltform.

  5. Rejoice Ngwenya says:

    Meant to read: ‘.. don’t TAKE these ZPF clowns seriously…’ English is a SECOND language!

  6. nyasha says:

    ZPF loots cause we let them, and by them i mean you and who stand by and critisize without understanding what it really means. Indegenisation as a concept is not flawed but it will only be flawed if we let it get hijacked by a few people with connections in the right places. I sincerely believe that once the legislation is in place and ordinary Zimbabweans identify the companies they are interested in, raise the funds and approach the non indegenous party….businesspeople would be willing to then deal with someone who is capable of contributing meaningfully to the business. I suggest that instead of constantly complaining and pointing fingers, people in the diapora especially organise yourselves, raise money and offer to buy some of the entities. This is your opportunity and we are past arguing about the moral righteousness of the move. lets organise ourselves into formidable economic force so that we can ultimately control the politics. I have been to the indegenisation board and they are keen to engage the youth in terms of participation in the program and they have specifically mentioned that they will suppport the youth, the women and the disabled in this empowerment drive and it is time we stopped politicking and see this for what it is. An opprtunity for ordinary black people to organise themelves and legally pursue business interests in competition with the ZPF elite instead of compalining by the grandstands watching only to regret later when the time is gone. ZPF will loot no doubt but only because we failed to see the opportunity in order to grab it right out of their mouths.

  7. nyasha says:

    BP has since been bought by Masawara Investments, a company owned by Shingi Mutasa right out of saviours grip, so it is possible……….all it takes is a little ingenuity and the ability to see past the politics and the polarisation into a future of possibilties…….

  8. Mathula says:

    Its a fair point you make about active involvement of the diaspora. It deserves an entry of its own in the blog. Watch the space. I guess sometimes fears of investing ion Zimbabwe are tied to the fact that no one is sure whether their businesses will be safe if they invest.But yes sure, there have been models of diasporans organising themselves to better levels and have made economies work in some countries…

    • Nyasha says:

      it is easier to Zanu bash than to identify areas where us ordinary Zimbabweans can contribute meaningfully to our country. There are enough forums dedicated sorely to bashing the ruling party but none that seek constructive and innovative ways for us to participate in our own country’s transition. Zanu PF will go as indeed will all of us but Zimbabwe will remain behind and it is up to us to define the Zimbabwe we want to leave behind. I am hopping that you will be able to turn this into a forum where we engage our brains and attempt to turn the tide as it were. I am willing to engage with young Zimbabweans who are brave enough to discuss their vision of Zimbabwe instead of limiting ourselves to discussing the nightmare we currently exist in. Once we articulate that vision i would like to discuss the innovative strategies we need to implement to put the country on the right track. its ironic that ultimately the people who could really save our country are the same people who escaped to all these exotic places yu now call home. You are privilidged bacause you know whats possible and should be able to contribute meangifully to the debate on what we can become instead of this obsession with what was and currently is. By failing to look to the future, we are no better than ZPF who have chosen to live in the past and glorify past succeses without any regard to future possibilities. At least they have a proud past to talk about…….what will we be proud of 20 years from now and what stories will we tell our kids….. I anxiously wait for your ideas on the diaspora initiative……….

  9. kaBulawayo says:

    Nyasha , what do you think will happen to the majority of those who have become rich overnight when Zanu PF loses power?

    The second question is: Is Zimbabwe currently a safe country to invest in or one will always have the Chinotimbaz knocking on their door unexpectedly demanding that the business supports Zanu PF or failure to that the business is confisticated and parcelled out to Zanu PF zealots?

    • Nyasha says:

      thats not really my concern at the moment but am sure justice will catch up wit them at some point. I am more interested about what i can do to contribute to the prosperity of my country and that demands that we start thinking about how we get ourselves out of this mess. ZPF will e gone soon but the issues we need to resolve will not just go away bacause they are no longer in power. We will still have a country with half f its intellenct scattered across the globe and in dire need of skills and capital. The time to organise is now, to ensure that we have put in place the structures neccesary to rescue our country.
      As to your second question Zimbawe is very safe, i have never left and have been conducting my business without ant interference. There are lots of young Zimbabweans who have ventured into all sectors of the economy without any problems or need to sing the party line. As mentioned in previous responses indegenisation is an opportunity if you are lack and Zimbabwean so lets take advantage of it. There is not much we cannot aout arresting the perpetrators of various crimes at the moment besides discuss, but there is so much opprtunity everywhere you look and my submission is that we focus our ernegies on unlocking that opportunity instead continue wasting time kicking an already dead horse. the question that we need to ask ourself is what have we done for our country, we can blame ZPF for everything else but am sure we cannot blame them for our inaction and lethargy when such issues are raised.

  10. Mathula says:

    @ KaBulawayo, I share the same concerns with you where you get worried about the safety of investors but i agree with Nyasha on the fact that it is important for zimbabweans to get their act together and do something positive. He is very right when he says Zanu PF will be of the past and what will happen to many who did nothing over the years. i know it can sound controversial but we have been told even by the opposition that they wont reverse the land program or the indegenious project. So, we are are doomed and I dont know what could be done to make sure everyone gets a fair share. Thats why maybe some of us choose to sort the politics first. I dont know if time will give us the benefits once all is sorted..”Just my views”..

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