Go on SW, let’s see who is on the list!

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

Zimbabwe democracy activists had their share of interesting news last week. Names of the people who are going about committing serious offences against innocent civilians were made public. SW Radio Africa news is publishing names of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operatives, known for the disappearance of many civilians in the country. Over the years, the CIO has become the sole organ of the state which is not interested in majority rule. For its operatives, the only interesting character who holds their future is Robert Mugabe. For him, they would kill anyone who is considered a threat. Their names and deployment have always remained a mystery, giving the freedom to continue killing people without any challenge from anyone. Ahaaa, now the cat is out of the bag. Better check your best friend is not on the list. What would be interesting to know is what people can do with this information is. For starters, it is good that we now know who will be prosecuted should a change of government happen.

When quietness becomes suspicious!

Is it me who missed the news? It would be interesting to know the responses of the ruling party when they found out about the names of people who keep them in power being published. They say silence is golden but in this case what would be the reason to remain silent?

Getting our priorities right…….

Very interesting news to see the new Robert Mugabe National School of Intelligence was approved by parliament without any opposition from the opposition parties. Said to be the largest complex in the country, it is set to be operated by the Chinese and their foreign service in conjunction with the CIO and our local military intelligence. Wow, Zimbabwe knows its priorities.  We find it less important to develop schools and pay the civil servants but such a great idea to build schools of oppression. I wonder how the Ugandans would have responded if they had the Idi Amin School of intelligence imposed on them.

…….In the mean time, we don’t give a damn about Bulawayo!

While the country has millions of dollars to build an intelligence school named after Mugabe, the city of Bulawayo is being denied access to $100million to revive its sinking industry. When asked about this problem, politicians, most from Zanu PF said they don’t give a damn given that the people of Bulawayo are lazy buggers who only know how to mourn while doing nothing to help themselves. I first heard this from Bright Matonga, the former deputy Minister of Information. John Nkomo, the vice president and the Bulawayo Governer Mr Cain Mathema simply said, go to hell with you your mourning. “Anyway, what’s so special about Bulawayo”, the unelected members of the government have said. The rest of them simply ignored the whole question and stayed away. I guess they know the time to say something will come when they campaign for seats in the region.


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