Your baseless threats just stink! Brigadier Nyikayaramba

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

So, what does Nyikayaramba mean? “The Nation is refusing”, the question is refusing to do what exactly?  In a month’s time, Mugabe and his generals will be back at the Heroes Acre, clamouring about how they liberatedZimbabwe. They will be telling that only Zanu PF liberated Zimbabweand only Zanu PF deserve to rule Zimbabweforever. They will be repeating threats against the opposition MDC and telling the West to go to hell. What a lot of rubbish.  It’s the economy we are worried about you crazy lot.  We don’t need the West to tell us that we are hungry and our children deserve better. One thing I have come to believe with many is, yes, we need security sector reforms to happen as of yesterday. The country’s military is holding us at ransom. Who in their right mind would believe that a chap like Bob is still in charge?

Holding the evidence is this Brigadier General Douglas Nyikayaramba, who is going around the country threatening our relatives with war, should Zanu PF lose power to the MDC. So for me, security reforms have become an urgent matter which should happen before the next general election. Over the past few weeks, I noticed some discussions that were going on in social networks about security reforms. Some people have put an academic spin on the matter; trying to justify the point that one country’s army cannot be a subject of discussion in a regional summit. I tend to differ, what if that army has become a security threat to the region. Should people stop discussing it because of sovereignty? But well, we live in a world where many innocent lives have been lost in the name of sovereignty. My wish though, is Africans should not allow that situation to play itself into Zimbabwean politics. We should call for more attention to be given to the behaviour of the Zimbabwean security sectors and should they continue with these threats, the region must be encouraged to place tighter screws against them.

Be afraid, very afraid.

Addressing villagers at a meeting this weekend, MDC leader, Welshman Ncube, called for a stronger coalition against Mugabe’s Zanu PF. I think this is an urgent matter which needs to be resolved because failure to do so will send a wrong message to the people who might seek to use other means undesirable in the practise of politics. We all don’t want to go there. The answer is for everyone to swallow their pride and seek a unity of purpose, a call I make for the second time in my blog.

For we are doomed if we don’t,

In life, some things are urgent. If Zimbabweans fail to realize a progressive alliance, how the hell are they going to deal with the madness in Zanu PF? Just last week, it was reported that Zanu PF youth invaded some properties inBulawayo. Over the weekend, we heard stories of how Zanu PF youth went on rampage in Mbare beating innocent civilians. They will continue to behave this way until the elections. So, tell me of a better way to deal with Zanu PF’s arrogance if we can’t work together? Remember, all these divisions play into their hands and so why should we fulfil their dreams?

These people lost it a long time ago…

Just imagine some of the things that Zanu PF do and then put yourself in the world of dreams of another term of office while they are in charge. Do you remember these are the same people that claimed diesel was coming from the rocks in Chihnoyi? They told us to change street names for no good reason while they all have English names. They want the nation to believe that poverty is part and parcel of culture while they loot the country’s natural resources. Tell me who on earth would want people who lost touch with reality a long time to continue being in charge of a precious country like ours?

So, the question today is, “Should Zimbabwe’s security sector be reformed? Yes it should, but if so, who should be doing that?

  1. Giyani Dube says:

    First of all i would like to thank and commend you for your wonderful piece,indeed the security sector must be reformed with immediate effect by bodies like AU & UN peace keepers with immediate effect.Nyikaramba’s attempt to justify his continued dabbling in political affairs shows his lack of knowledge and understanding of a soldier’s roles and duties in a modern democracy. Remember our country today has been militarized to an extent that a sister hates a sister same as to a brother to another and the nation as a whole.Today we find ourselves fighting over tribes,these are tactics of a dying horse which has lost touch to it’s citizens.No wounder why today we have so many organisations pushing one and the same agenda.Some of us ask ourselves questions as to for how long will we run and hide when Zimbabwe is being split into pieces by those who claim to have liberated us from the white minority?????

  2. Takura says:

    so what are the real chances of a united opposition? And is the specter of the military the primary motivation?

  3. Rejoice Ngwenya says:

    Somehow, maGents, I don’t take these army felloes seriously. A person putting on a khakhi uniform with patches of green, armed with an AK-47 pointed at the woman next door – and claiming to be ‘powerfull’? C’mon guys. If you want to see REAL military intelligence – Major Grey, Lookout Masuku, J.M Tongogara, Sobusa Gula-Ndebele, Wilfred Mhanda… Men in green [and khakhi] that spend time beating up their own unarmed people, threatening them …. really, can they stand the tide of democratic change? What a waste – they are like a man who boasts about ‘defeating’ his wife in a fist fight. Don’t credit them with undeserved attention – they are village bullies. If they are real men, they should allow us to [legally] arm ourselves and our children, then we can discuss on the same terms.

  4. Mathula says:

    so what are the real chances of a united opposition?
    Takura, Its kind of difficult to know what are the chances. Nut I guess the right thing to do is to call for that unity at all times. It is important because I know some people have the commanded bigger rallies and people but do lack the stategy for political power *To know exactly ehre it lies and taking it* while others are said to be small but to a larger extent, have sharp minds and pretty much know a few things about the art of taking political power. Dont get me wrong here but this is just an illustration of politics. Its not meant to say that is the outlook of political parties.
    And is the specter of the military the primary motivation?
    Well, the military specter is not necessarily the primary motivation for this unity but values that formed the core basis of the struggle while the opposition was united. It is urgent matters related to getting the country’s economy right, education, health and other social ills that are the current norm of the wider Zimbabwean political life. But sure, the army adds to this.

  5. Mathula says:

    @ Rejoice, wow, I like the way you describe these guys. Its actually the truthful way of telling the story,,, Men in green [and khakhi] that spend time beating up their own unarmed people, threatening them …. really, can they stand the tide of democratic change? What a waste – they are like a man who boasts about ‘defeating’ his wife in a fist fight. Don’t credit them with undeserved attention – they are village bullies,,,,,lolest…i hear ,, i hear,,

    • scared and scarred says:

      its sad that half of country can be insulted by one person and we all sit aside and do nothing. Tsvangirai was voted for by the majoity of the country and to claim that over 50% of the electorate is under the influence of the West is insane to say the least but also shows clearly that we are being taken for granted and the regime does not even have one iota of respect for us Zimbabweans, rightly so i guess, we have all abdicated our civic duties as citizens to participate meaningfully in our politics and thus let a couple of old man insult us straight to our faces. Yes it is brutal regime, and yes they are ruthless but these are the same guys who stood up and faced an equally brutal regime and we expect them to hand it over on a siver platter. Just to proove the fear i have, i cannot even put my name to this, scared that they wil smell me out and literally extinguish my life……Its not about Tsvangirai, its about each and every one of us who is too scared to comment unless they are safe behind an acronym, its about all of us who only talk politics with trusted friends and all of us who are unable to stand up and express their views, maybe because at the moment our country is not worth fighting for…………………

  6. Mathula says:

    Very true Scared and Scarred. I guess the logical way is to continue provoking discussions that makes us engage of matters of concern as we do. It is a wish for many of us to see a Zimbabwe that works with all its people taken seriously by ways of promoting and living democracy. Only this way we will get back up and be the breadbasket once again. thanks for your thoughtful insights and I hope we will continue discussing our sunset politics until the sun rises. Its okay to be scared,,,he who fights and run away lives to fight another day.!

    • scared and scarred says:

      true man, my main point though is that we have to stop being scared and take it upon ourselves to stand up and be counted. We need to start meaningful participation in the politics of our country and be willing to take the abuse and beatings and teargus and jail. We need to get to a point where the country is worth fighting for and define our contribution to the fight. The MDC may lack of things but they have the courage to be heard despite the propaganda noise, the jails, the abuse and the numerous courtrooms. I am tired of being scared in my own country and i am tired of the quite diplomacy practiced by our business leaders,our church leaders and anyone else who calls themselves a leader. We all turn a blind eye when all this stupidity is happening as long as its not happening to us. How can we lead the companies and churches we lead courageously and yet be scared to speak out when such atrocities and threats against our freedoms are made. How can we as parents lead our famiies when we allow our homes to be invaded daily by hate speech and lies. Why do we sit aside and allow our children’s future to destroyed by a bunch of old guys whose total years i can count on my two hands. i am tired of being scared and am ready for the scars………

  7. Mathula says:

    Giyani,,true,,its our duty as citizens to continue engaging on matters that are paramount to the well being of our country. I hear you and good luck with everything..lets keep talking!

  8. tino munjanga says:

    the only way to win this struggle is through forcing the two MDC formations and probably ZAPU into a united front. truly speaking this time, even the main faction of the MDC will not win an election considering that the smaller faction is gaining ground….such that the vote is actually divided to give ZANU PF victory. furthermore, considering that there is a lot of harrassment to opposition supporters, the opposition parties are likely to loose more support to zanu. If the opposition parties really want to win the coming election, reconciliation is the only way. they must burry their differences and face reality. remember last election, we were forced to go for election run-off. we do not want the same to repeat this time again.

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