Crisis, What Crisis?, Awaiting the response on Zimbabwe from SADC

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

When asked about the Crisis in the football world governing body, the president of FIFA simply replied a journalist at a one man press conference by asking “Crisis? What is a Crisis?” Laughing out loud in front of my television, his words reminded me of the remarks made by the former South African president Thabo Mbeki. In 2008, when asked about theZimbabweelection stalemate, he simply replied “Crisis? What Crisis?”  To connect the two, we have a FIFA president denying that there are problems related to corruption in the football world governing body. We all know FIFA is corrupt. The re-election of Blatter who won a one man election simply means he has joined what is known in Zimbabwe as the Handiende (meaning “I am not going”) movement. After two terms in office, Thabo Mbeki nearly joined this movement but fortunately enough,South Africais not FIFA orZimbabwe. They rejected his ambitions at the famous Polokwane conference by voting Jacob Zuma for presidency. However, in the eyes of Zimbabweans, Mbeki’s major crime was to deny that a crisis existed at the time of elections in 2008. We all know what happened after his comments. People were brutally murdered and beaten by the Mugabe regime which later, through Mbeki’s facilitation, forged powered relations with the opposition.

So hooray to the new President of South Africa Jacob Zuma, for whom the “no crisis” madness is over, ending a long honeymoon of survival by denials for the Mugabe regime.  We all know there is a political crisis inZimbabweand Zuma’s point of departure in mediation has been that of accepting that a crisis exists.South Africawill this week host a SADC extra-ordinary summit at which the Zimbabwean crisis will be discussed. Media reports have it that President Zuma is very much concerned about the levels of violence inZimbabwe, just as the country is moving towards an election at a time to be announced. The heightened levels of violence inZimbabwesuggest an election is on the cards in a nearer time than what would be expected by all those who believe in an election roadmap guided by democratic principles.

But surprise, surprise, rumour has it that Zanu PF is compiling a dodgy dossier about violence committed by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change. Top in this document, will be the latest killing of a policeman inHarare. It is understood that part of the documents will also feature the violent skirmishes that happened in the MDC (T) congress as a way of building evidence to prove that the MDC (T) is indeed violent. But hey reader, don’t be fooled. We all know who the perpetrator of violence inZimbabweis. It is Zanu PF and no matter how much evidence they collect to present to the SADC summit, Zimbabweans will not be fooled by any of this nonsense. Given the stance of the last summit held onZimbabweinZambia, I am sure SADC leaders are also aware of what is happening inZimbabweand who is to blame. We have known it since independence thatZimbabweis ruled by a leader who runs affairs of the country using a violence and Murder Inc.

Murder Inc.

Murder has always been the Zanu PF way of life and Zimbabweans need to be forever angry at this party which has brought continued misery and fear to peaceful citizens. Evidence and history suggest that the policeman who died was actually murdered by Zanu PF. When faced with a crisis of being exposed as a dishonest party, killing their own and putting the blame on someone else has always been a means to an end in Zanu PF’s strategy of eliminating the opposition. That is why they even have a slogan they like chanting saying “Zanu Ndeyeropa” (meaning “Zanu PF is Made of Blood”). What sort of party has that as its slogan? This slogan is always used to relate to how matters are dealt with in the Zanu PF party, basically endorsing violence. In the early 80s, Zanu PF agents kidnapped tourists along Victoria Falls road inZimbabweand blamed ZAPU for their disappearance. We all know this was a strategy to justify the mass murder of innocent civilians in Matabeleland andMidlandsprovinces. To this day, no one has been punished for these killings. In 1982, Mugabe said “ZAPU is like a snake that has entered a house, the only way to deal with a snake is to hit the head”. Everybody knows what followed. What about Rashiwe Guzha, a secretary at the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) office who disappeared in the early 80s? The fact that the results of the inquiry into her disappearance were not made public raises suspicion that she was killed by the organisation.  The late boss of the CIO, Muzariri, shot dead a ZAPU official Njini Ntutha during the Gukurahundi era. God knows how many Muzariri killed during his career.   In 2001, Zanu PF kidnapped and killed their own war veteran Cain Nkala and blamed the MDC for it. We all know this was a strategy to justify the state hostilities against the people ofBulawayowho won elections against Zanu PF in a peaceful manner. The stories are endless.

The Bloodied Godfather with degrees in violence

Although some people like to argue that there are other players involved in the violence that has gutted the Zimbabwean community life, facts on the table point at Zanu PF as the main source of violence. There is no doubt that President Robert Mugabe is at the centre of all this. This is a man known for boasting about his degrees of violence and will go to the SADC summit with his hands stinking and dripping with blood. He is the person for whom all these murders are done to please. In his name, violence has reduced the country to a laughing stock, a country that was once known as the breadbasket ofAfrica. I am not sure if Mugabe or his people would deny this. They are a violent party and thus must be known that way. Zimbabweans must blame Mugabe for inciting his party to act that way, breaking the society morals and destroying our children’s futures- who now are taught to understand violence as the only means to solve conflicts. All his supporters support this notion of violence, as we have seen in their behaviour since independence.

One may be wondering why I write about the known deaths when justice is failing to take its course to resolve these murders. The answer is simple. ForZimbabweto move forward the killers must be brought to justice and a process of national healing must be adopted. The fact that Zanu PF is still prepared to kill is worrying. It is such killings that leftRwandawith the memories of the despicable 2004 genocide. InZimbabwe, people are told to move on with their lives and leave the past to the past. But hey, this is the future we are talking about. Unless and until the rule of law is restored, there will be no future inZimbabwe. We are facing elections in the near future where some people are already marked for death. How can we move on when these killers are out and loose in the streets, intimidating relatives of the dead and at the same time holding the nation at ransom? As citizens ofZimbabwe, we ought to expose these killers and ask the law to punish them. But there we go, there is a huge crisis inZimbabweand I do hope SADC will act to stop the madness committed by Mugabe and his cronies.


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